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June 17, 2008


Kristen Fischer

Love the show, Ryan. Thanks for being such a voice of reason in the chaotic but fun world of Jeff! You're a great add to the show!!

Hooked on Houses

I'm totally addicted to this show. I think Ryan should have his own spin-off series! I love his work and would love to see more of it. Great website! -Julia

Bennett S.

Wow, the season got off to a great start! It blows that everything didn't go as planned with the Hancock Park estate.

Hope everything is going well for the ole Jeff Lewis, maybe he can keep his cool this season....probably not though ;)

After watching Jeff, and his craziness about keeping everything so neat, I'm not sure what happended to me, but now my house and yard are imaculate. And I got amazing design tips from your site Ryan. Thanks! My whole entire house changed...for the better. It got a little pricey trying to fill up 4500 square ft. with new furniture, but I managed. I'll hire you for my next house. :)

Tom K

Ryan I like your hair shorter.

It's looks like Jeff might implode this season. I hope he keeps it together. You all are talented at flipping houses.

Paloma of La Dolce Vita

Hello! I am so excited about the new season of Flipping Out! It is definitely one of my favorite shows. Ryan, I think you have an amnazing eye for detail and I really enjoy watching Jeff in all of his neurotic glory. I actually did a post on my blog about your design firm a few months ago. You are incredibly talented. I absolutely love your taste and would move into one of your homes in a heart beat.

My post about Brown Design:


Enjoyed the show(s) last night! As entertaining as ever. I was fascinated with the Hancock Park house. What a great project to be involved in. And Jeff is right! OMG....Courtney definitely agreed to his sub then went a little nutty. I hope you can hang in there so we can all see the final results! ( I would certainly understand if you scouldn't though.)I will stay tuned. :)

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