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July 15, 2008


franki durbin

I completely agree.. the pieces look a bit "unmatched" at a glance, but that's precisely what makes them so special and cohesive once they are installed. It's refreshing not to see an entire home with matching bronze or brushed nickel fixtures... but can I just say, that kitchen nook is absolute perfection! The upholstery, the pendant, the windows (with roman shades pulled up at precisely the same height). It's a perfectionist's dream come true :)


As an aside, I went through all the project pictures and wow. Just wow. Your aesthetic speaks to me in a visceral way; before I can intellectualize why I like what I see, my jaw either drops in response to your design choices or I whisper "Wow" in amazement.

If I try to imagine what it'd feel like walking through one of the homes you've designed, I'd envision magazine ready decor which also happens to be comfortable enough to live in. Again. Wow.

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