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August 05, 2008


My Notting Hill

Love it all - especially the 2nd photo. What a feast of color.


Ryan, I missed out on asking you a question on the BravoTV site, so I was hoping to ask you here. I just have to say that I am addicted to Flipping Out and was so excited to see more attention was given to design/finishes/staging, etc., this season. Anyway, my question is: Where did you find those awesome drapes in your livingroom? They are in the background behind Andy during the reunion show. If you had them made, where can I find that fabric? I have been obsessing over them ever since I saw them on your website.

PS ~ I love Chloe!

Window Treatments

There's nothing nicer than decorating your home so that you can enjoy it later. It's well worth all the research and effort.


The only thing I have against such intricate natural things in a room is "How do I clean that?". If it can't be easily cleaned, it has to go. Can't imagine dusting that coral or trying to get smudges/food out of it. Blech.

However, I have a very large rock collection (with coral) housed in a clear, house-shaped terreriam. I wonder if all things intricate yet natural could be displayed in a way that makes them pass my "clean test".


The ideas are wonderful and really effective in these photos. Always fun to see what you all are up to!

Hooked on Houses

What a cool idea to put that pagoda in the bathroom. Also love the oars, which look perfect in that space. Beautiful rooms, as always! -Julia


I couldn't agree more. Love the oars. I have personally used an old wooden shutter and turned it into a photo display shelf.

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